Typically, the windows are not of much concern for people who are building their custom home. It might seem inconsequential but there is a lot that can go wrong if you don’t consider window placement when in the design process.

The position of a window can have much influence over your quality of life, as it would decide the amount of light that would enter the room. Similarly, issues such as water damage, soundproofing, and privacy are also directly influenced by it. If you have never thought of placing windows to be a technical issue, you may go through our blog to get an idea of the factors which can influence your decisions and help save your money and time.

Positioning of House and Light

Understanding the direction of your home is the first step for correctly placing the windows. To make a house light up naturally, it is essential that the sunlight reaches everywhere. You might have seen custom home building projects with a blank wall with no windows; these are the houses that have the least amount of light coming in - one of the most important elements to consider.

By a thumbs rule, houses that are east-facing enjoy the brightest light in the mornings, while those houses which are in the west get a chance to experience sunsets. Similarly, the houses which have their faces towards the south would be the brightest throughout the day while the north-facing would be the darkest. Thus, the position of the home determines the number and position of the windows so that a reasonable amount of light can enter rooms.

The best strategy is to place the rooms according to the light they need. For instance, the garage and bedrooms could be placed on the north side as they don't need much light. Similarly, the living room and the kitchen usually have the most activity in a house, and should consider windows in the southern part of the building. While placing the windows, you must also consider the fact that higher exposure to light means higher temperature. But, it doesn't mean that you must not place any windows which face south. You must have a place in your house where light is prioritized; you might be thinking that the heat in The Woodlands, and in Texas in general, can be troubling, but it can be easily combated by the use of sunshades. Overall, the energy light would radiate in your life is unmatched.


While home building, you have to consider the size and dimensions of the room of the house you want to place a window in. Windows have the potential to bring colors to the room. They have the capacity to give an entirely different look to your room.

Of course, the choice of the size is personal (after all, not everyone wants the lack of privacy that floor-to-ceiling windows can bring). But in case of doubt, a big window is the best option to go with. Whenever you are inside a small, bright, and cheerful bedroom, it is probably because the windows are sufficiently big enough to allow a lot of light. On the contrary, a small window in a big room would make the room look congested and out of proportion.

Type of Window

After your direction is defined and your window size is determined, the question arises of which window type would suit your home and style. Stylistically, you would have the choice between single/dual-hung panes or crank/casement panes. Other choices include glass block windows, custom arched windows, lower windows, windows with storage, and sliding windows. However, these are usually individually selected, depending on your needs.

Whatever the style of a window, two functional factors really affect your window: cleanability and airflow. Windows (which open from the base or from the top and normally swing off for cleaning) or casement windows (when the whole window pins out of the house) are usually cleaner. As both inside and outside of each panel are easily accessible, you can usually clean the entire window from one spot, versus the hassle of hiring a professional window cleaner every year.

As for the airflow, you must decide how much you would like in your home. Casement windows (and windows that have similar options such as markers or slides) tend to allow you to enter your home with a fresh air worth of a full window. While on the other hand, single-hung windows only open halfway, so you're still going to have a breeze, but it won't be as cool or sturdy as if the whole window were open. One option is not inherently better than another but depends on your personal preference.

Quality of Window

Finally, it is a must to decide which window brand is right for you. Don't just go with any brand - do some research on your purpose to find out if there are warranties (both on the window itself and the hardware) and how their reviews look. The windows have to be of supreme quality because they are not easily replaceable.

Windows are also structurally vital, even if they are sometimes considered to be only visually important for a home. As, wherever a hole is cut in a home, it simply means that your home is in danger of getting damaged. If the elements, such as doors and windows, are not properly installed or are of poor quality, your house may become subject to excessive rainwater or leaks, rotting wood, or even. Moreover, a higher quality window will be much stronger and more soundproof and can even provide better sealing to prevent the escape of unnecessary heat or AC. Therefore, the importance of selecting reliable windows cannot be neglected, and is a prominent quality of our specialists here at G&R Builders.

Windows needn't be complicated, but due time must be spent for consideration. Regardless of what type of window you are drawn to, how much airflow you want, or how easy it is to clean, choose the windows that suit your dream home vision. It is one of the most intelligent investments you ever have to make in a long time.