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If you want to build your dream home, you may feel overwhelmed when considering designing your own custom house.

With our one-stop, all-inclusive service, you can quickly get a customized Conroe County home.

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We know that choosing a custom home builder is a big step. No homeowner is willing to work with contractors who do not do well or forget them when problems arise.

Learn more about building in Conroe County, Texas

Conroe County (including parts of Conroe, Woodlands, Willis, and Magnolia) is part of the North Houston area, about 40 miles from downtown Houston. The rolling hills are dotted with pine trees, sweet bakelite, and magnolia trees, and the area is rich in natural resources, including water, oil, wood, and gravel.

Conroe County was founded in 1837 and is a vibrant and growing county with nearly 500,000. This land in North Houston is peaceful and rich, making it very suitable for owning land to build permanent homes.

Conroe County Buildings, Regulations and Guidelines

Conroe County has specific requirements for zoning, buildings, and buildings to better ensure the safety of residents and protect property values. You can read and learn more about the Spefitch County Code by clicking here. The county requires:

  • Septic tank permit
  • Development permit
  • Fire Regulation Permit
  • International Building Code

Why choose us to build a house?

At G&R Builders, we have to redouble our efforts to ensure that your house fully meets your needs. Our Conroe County homebuilder knows that this is the detail that makes your home a home. We ensure to meet and exceed any energy standards to ensure that your home stays affordable and environmentally friendly as possible. We will not let you choose between comfort and safety, function and beauty.

As a custom house builder in Conroe County, we provide a turnkey service that can take you from an empty place to your dream home and everything in between. We provide you with numerous customization options to ensure that your home is correct. We guarantee the craftsmanship and structure of your house, and our house is 100% certified by Energy Star.

Conroe County Services

Provide water, wastewater, and solid waste services. Most Texas residents, including residents of Conroe County, can choose their provider from

Electricity providers:
  • Champion Energy
  • Change Energy
  • Cirro Energy
  • Centerpoint
Phone services are:
  • Pioneer
  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • AT&T
Internet providers are:
  • AT&T
  • Earthlink
  • Xfinity
  • DishNetwork
Schools in Conroe County, Texas

There are multiple school districts located in Conroe County, which are:

  • Willis ISD
  • Conroe ISD
  • Splendora ISD
  • Richards ISD
  • New Caney ISD
  • Conroe ISD
  • Magnolia ISD
  • Conroe ISD
Living in Conroe County

Just outside of Houston, this county has plenty for you to do and access to anything you may want. Inside of Conroe County, you will find:

  • W. Goodrich Jones State Forest
  • Lonestar Monument and Historic Flag Park
  • 7-Acre Wood
  • Fernland Historical Park
  • Sam Houston National Forest
  • St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary
  • Various city and county parks
  • Deerbrook Mall
  • The Shops at Woodforest
  • Conroe Mall
  • Westwood Village
  • Waterfront Shopping Center
  • Everything the City of Houston has to offer!
  • Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
  • The Owen Theatre
  • Heritage Museum of Conroe County
  • Crighton Theatre
Build Your Dream Home In Conroe County

When planning your dream home, don't just work with any custom home builder in Houston. You deserve to have a team that cares about your needs and wishes. This is one of the many factors that make G&R Builders stand out among other home builders in the area. When you speak, we will listen to your opinions and use the information you provide to design our methods. This is how we provide you with excellent results. Building a house is not a small choice. We will treat you like a family, just like we want others to treat us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been in business for many years? In the past 23 years, we have built nearly 3,000 houses in Texas.

We are a custom-built housebuilder and one of the first companies to introduce the concept of "build on the land." We currently do not have any land or land for you to buy, but we are always looking for real estate to buy, and this situation may change in the future.

To execute an agreement to build a house, you will need to own an owned or contracted property to close it as quickly as possible.

Our sales team can help you find Realtor® to help you find the property you want to buy.

Custom house pricing contains a variety of variables, these variables will significantly affect the price of the project, so it is almost impossible to quote the average. A small example: let us compare a 50×50 house with an area of 2500 square feet, but the same is true for a 25×100 house. However, when a 25×100 house has 250 LF, a 50×50 house has only 200 LF frames and slabs. Therefore, even without upgrading, you already have 50 LF frames, floors, stones, and more. Although this could frustrate you, and the sales consultant may seem to be avoiding the question, they are not able to answer it without knowing all of the facts. Before pricing, you need to understand the entire project. Our average price is about $120-$160/SF.

Most of our customers do not have to sell their current homes before starting the construction process. This will be the subject of discussion with the construction lender you are considering.

It takes about 10 to 12 months from signing the contract to moving in. The location and size of the item may vary.

Site costs include things that are not part of the structure, things that make your house built on the property and provide public utility services for the house. Construction site costs may include but are not limited to additional foundation heights, additional leveling materials, culverts, sidewalks, driveways, house electrical services, water wells/pipelines, sewers/septic tanks, etc.

The site cost is estimated during our first field visit with you, your sales consultant, and the construction and area manager; it is then added to the project cost.

We are the builders of fixed costs. Initially, we have placeholders in the contract, but we will provide a fixed cost for the entire project once all options are completed.

You can perform specific on-site work on your property; in fact, most on-site work can be done by the landowner. We have specific guidelines that we follow to ensure that certain site tasks can be performed correctly. Your sales consultant can explain and help guide you through this process.

You can choose certain materials for your house. However, since we guarantee your residence and materials installation, we must purchase them for you and install them by our suppliers (i.e., merchants, workers, laborers). If you have something you need, please contact your sales consultant immediately. We can carry the same products in the selection series, or at least have very comparable products.

We are indeed building unfinished spaces, such as the reward room in the attic in the future. However, we cannot build unfinished spaces in any area considered a livable area of a house. Please consult your salesperson, and they can help you with this process.

According to the IBC (International Building Code), most materials used in residential construction today must be "green." For example, all paints must be free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) or very low in content. Moreover, almost all wood is made from forests, where they are replanted. If you have specific questions about any material, please consult your salesperson.

All our suppliers must pass strict company guidelines to ensure that your house is built by the highest quality craftsmen or licensed professionals in the field. However, if you have a specific supplier you want us to use, please contact your salesperson immediately;they can contact them and the department responsible for certifying all our suppliers.

We can build at the highest energy levels that have been approved by the Energy Start Certified Program. We are usually the only "custom generator" listed on every website in the Houston or San Antonio area. Therefore, we believe that the BIB® system is an effective insulation method. But yes, if you still want to use foam insulation instead of the BIB® system, we will use foam insulation. Your salesperson can set the price for you.

Yes, it is. We will submit, coordinate and process everything needed to obtain permits, approvals, and surveys that are needed.

Yes-we can assist you to include a pool in your project. We do not build pools; however, we can work with your pool contractor and incorporate them into the project. You should consult with your lender (if there is financing) to ensure that they allow this to happen.

We always want you to be delighted. We will always do the right thing and help you get what you need. If necessary, we can make changes during the construction process, so adjustments are usually not considered. "No matter what the price is!" is our point of view.

One-year manufacturer's "fuse-to-fuse" warranty, ACES warranty, manufacturer's warranty

Absolutely. We can share references from customers at various stages of the process and those with complete houses.

Everyone should have a house that suits them. This is what you can get when you hire us for our project. If you are planning to make Conroe County your new home, we can help you. Contact us now for more information or to schedule an appointment.