G&R Builders has been building custom homes for over a decade. We’re here to share our experience and answer any questions you might have. Answers to our most frequently asked questions are below, but if you’d like to talk to a Building Consultant, click here.


What’s included in the sales price?

The per-square-foot price G&R provides is the cost for building the home and any attachments (i.e. paving, decks, patios, garages, etc.). We will assist you in determining the additional building costs, but those costs will be provided separately from the per-square-foot price.

What are the additional building costs?
How do I find the cost of the available options you offer?
Can I finance my land in my home loan?


Do you offer financing?

G&R is not a mortgage lender, however we do have established relationships with banks and mortgage brokers, which allows us to assist our customers in arranging financing. Our partners’ rates and fees are competitive, and our customers are always given the option of providing their own financing.

How can I get information concerning my credit score and history?
Is it a good idea to know our buying power before looking for a new home?
How can I begin the custom home building process while I still have a home to sell?


Does G & R Builders provide services to evaluate my home site?

A site evaluation is the best way to make sure the home you want fits properly on your land or lot. We provide lot and land evaluations at no cost or obligation.

Will G & R Builders handle the site preparation work for me?