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Looking to complete your dream home with a state-of-the-art wine room or wine cellar? Own a restaurant and need to display your win in the most attractive way possible? G&R Builders can help. In fact, we’re the premier wine room installers in Greater Houston, with years of experience creating stunning custom projects that leave our clients, their friends, and their customer floored.

Wine Room Experts in The Woodlands
Custom Wine Room Designs

Custom Designs

At G&R Builders, we design wine rooms that are guaranteed to delight even the most demanding connoisseurs. To ensure your complete satisfaction, every single job is planned, designed, and installed from scratch. That means no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all installations. Instead, we consult directly with the customer in order to bring their dream wine room to life.

If you’re investing in a luxury wine cellar, private wine room, or restaurant display, you deserve to have every detail specifically tailored to your needs and wants. The team here at G&R has a reputation for providing the best home wine cellars in The Woodlands for a reason, offering custom wine racks of all kinds and installing fully functional refrigeration systems to protect every drop of your investment.

Simply send us your room measurements and specifications. Once in hand, our design team will provide a detailed, 3D wine room rendering that will give you a feel for your new space. From here, we can tweak the design as desired, input a climate-controlled wine room cooler if needed, and change racking systems to perfectly match your ideal look.

For the perfect wine room in The Woodlands, Texas and beyond, the answer is G&R Builders.

A Wide Range of Options

Here at G&R Builders, we strive to ensure every client gets a completely unique wine room experience. We work on custom home wine cellars in The Woodlands and Greater Houston, designing rack systems, mounts, and styles, and installing cooling systems to perfectly suit each customer’s needs. Our goal? To bring you the utmost in luxury at prices that fit your budget and your needs.

Throughout the entire process, our team will provide you with bespoke designs and ideas intended specifically for your space. Turn your cellar or anteroom into a masterpiece with the help of our experienced builders and interior designers. Just take a look at some of our customization options.

  • Wrought Iron Wine Racks – Customers that want a more contemporary look can opt for a wrought iron wine racking system. These allow you to store and display hundreds of bottles at once without having to manage any sort of shelving system. Racks can be one, two, or even three bottles deep, depending on your needs. There are also unique rack options you can include to show off those special vintage bottles.
  • Wooden Wine Racks – Those customers looking for a more traditional, French-style wine room can have wooden wine racks designed precisely to their specifications. Such racks can be square, diagonal, or arranged in any other variety of configurations. You can also select from a variety of different wood types, stain options, and other options to further make the space your own. Don’t just get “any wine room,” make it into the retreat of your dreams!
  • Furniture and Other Accessories – Wine cellars don’t have to be just a place to display. They can also be a private spot to enjoy in style. Our team is more than happy to incorporate furniture and other decorative accessories into your wine room design. Fancy a table with a few chairs for a private tasting? Perhaps you’d prefer the more traditional look of a wine barrel and stools? Maybe you need a custom ladder to reach the very top of your display? Either way, our team can help bring your vision to life.
G&R Builders's Wine Room Experts in The Woodlands
Wine Room Experts in The Woodlands

Expert Climate Control Input

The optimum temperature for storing wine is between 50 and 59 degrees. For this reason, wine cellars and wine rooms are often designed with special cooling systems. However, you can’t just throw an air conditioner into the room and call it a done deal – you need a refrigeration system specifically intended to function efficiently over long periods.

At G&R Builders, our refrigeration engineers can suggest the ideal system for your custom space and will gladly install it for you as well. With our experts on your side, you can rest assured that your wine (and the room itself) will be preserved for years to come.

We Are Your Wine Cellar & Wine Cooler Specialists

G&R Builders is proud to be a one-stop shop for all your custom wine cellar and wine cooler needs. Not only can our skilled carpentry team turn the wine room of your dreams into a beautiful reality, but our refrigeration engineers will give you the best advice on how to preserve it for generations to come. Call us in The Woodlands and Houston area, for a complimentary consultation and discover how easy it is to have the wine room you've always wanted.

Our Services

  • Custom wine cabinets
  • Wine room design and construction
  • Commercial and home wine display racks
  • Wine room lighting, ladders, and accessories
  • Refrigeration and humidification systems