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For over ten years, G&R Builders has been assisting homeowners in Magnolia, Conroe, Spring, The Woodlands, and other Houston suburbs with all of their kitchen remodeling needs. Any contractor knows that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. However, it takes a professional, experienced team to bring the client’s dream kitchen to life.

Bathroom Remodeling

G&R Builders has been assisting homeowners in Spring, Conroe, The Woodlands, and other areas of Greater Houston for over ten years. In that time, we have earned a reputation for being one of the best bathroom remodelers in the region. As the main bath remains an important room in the house and additional baths are a primary determinant of a home’s value, we are committed to helping our clients get the most from each project.

Commercial Remodeling

In commercial real estate remodeling, a “build out” refers to the process of filling out a space and making it functional for the tenants. After all, when office buildings are first rented, they typically consist of nothing but bare walls, a roof, and a floor. It takes an experienced, professional team to turn all that emptiness into a habitable space.

Second Story Additions

G&R Builders has been helping homeowners all over The Woodlands, Spring, and Greater Houston areas for over ten years. From renovations and rehabs to new constructions, our team of professionals has done it all. One of the most popular services we offer is the second-story addition. This is a great way to expand a home without having to buy a new one, adding rooms above garages, or even atop a current ranch-style house.

Custom Home Remodeling

G&R Builders has spent ten years working with homeowners all over Conroe, Spring, The Woodlands, and other areas of Greater Houston. Among the top services we offer is our custom home remodeling, which can take any room in your house and give it a completely new look, feel, and purpose. Of course, our clients aren’t limited to just existing rooms and spaces, as our professional design and construction team is fully capable of designing new additions, in-law suites, sunrooms, and more.

Whole Home Remodeling

G&R Builders is a family-owned and operated construction and renovation company. For more than a decade, we’ve been providing premium remodeling services to homeowners all over The Woodlands, Tomball, Spring, Magnolia, and beyond. When it comes to a whole home remodeling project, nothing is more important than the company you hire. Not only do they need to be skilled and experienced in construction and design, but they need to be organized enough to manage the project from beginning to end.

Trophy Rooms

Some hunters call it a trophy room, others a game room, but it's a room of memories by either name. The room showcases your best artifacts and mementos collected over time, from travels, and time spent outdoors. Hunters can spend time in their trophy room remembering the experience, celebrating with the beauty of nature's creations.

Man Caves

The “Man Cave” concept has taken the world of home renovation by storm, and satisfied customers all over the southeast are reveling in their brand new, custom-designed leisure spaces. What used to be considered nothing more than a “spare room” can now be converted into a coveted sanctuary where men can relax, watch the game, enjoy a cold drink, and hang out with friends. Including everything from wide-screen TVs to dartboards and sports memorabilia, these one-of-a-kind spaces can be as unique as their owners!