Custom Home Remodeling

G&R Builders: Custom Home Remodeling in Greater Houston

G&R Builders has spent ten years working with homeowners all over Conroe, Spring, The Woodlands, and other areas of Greater Houston. Among the top services we offer is our custom home remodeling, which can take any room in your house and give it a completely new look, feel, and purpose. Of course, our clients aren’t limited to just existing rooms and spaces, as our professional design and construction team is fully capable of designing new additions, in-law suites, sunrooms, and more.

No matter what you’re looking for, G&R Builders has the experience to bring it to life. Contact us today and get the ball rolling on your custom home remodeling job.

Our Remodeling Process

Whether you’re new to remodeling or an old pro, we want you to be familiar with the G&R process. This will ensure you know exactly what to expect and will avoid any big surprises down the road.

Step 1: The Consultation
Step 2: Design
Step 3: Materials, Planning, and Permitting
Step 4: Construction
Step 5: Finishing

Common Additions and Remodels in Houston, TX

At G&R Builders, we’ve handled every type of project you could conceive of in our 10+ years of business. However, some of the remodels with which we have the most experience include the following:

Outdoor Min

Garage Additions

Garage additions are incredibly popular in Houston and the surrounding suburbs. Depending on what sort of space you have available, we can add an addition to your existing garage, turn your garage into a living space, or create a custom garage from scratch. If you prefer, we can even build a room on top of your garage for a nice, private space.

Second Story Additions

Looking for more storage space or a loft room for the kids? We can help. Our designers have come up with dozens of creative solutions for second-story additions that add space and value to the home.

Home Gym Additions

If your New Year’s resolution is eating into your budget more than you anticipated, maybe you can take all that extra space and bring the gym to you. We can help with all aspects of the project, from the design to the sourcing of materials and more.

Indoor/Outdoor Dining Space Additions

The Houston-area climate is perfect for year-round indoor and outdoor dining. We can help create amazing dining areas of all kinds, working with your existing layout to ensure a unique and complementary space.

Family Room Additions

Sometimes a home just isn’t a home without a family room. Fortunately, these sorts of add-ons don’t require extensive electrical work or other utilities, so we can help you bring them faster (and for less money).

Bathroom Additions

There are few home investments that pay off quite as well as a new bathroom addition. Whether you’re looking to maximize convenience or simply improve your master bedroom, we can help you decide on all the details before coming up with a stunning design.

In-law Suite Additions

In recent years, people all over Houston have made the decision to invest in in-law or “nanny” suites. This is essentially a fully-functional home that is either attached or separate from the main house. Ideal for rentals, older kids, or actual in-laws, they are an excellent way to spruce up any property.

Green Home Addition

Houston may be the capital of American energy, but it’s a great place to invest in green home additions. From entire room redesigns to simple changes that make your home more energy-efficient, you’ll be increasing the value of your home while also saving tons on your bills.

Family Room

The Top Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Remodeling

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What renovation adds the most value?
How do I redesign my house layout?
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What to keep in mind when remodeling a custom home?