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Design Your Trophy Room

Have multiple hunting trophies you would like to display? We can help with the state-of-the-art trophy room design.

Many serious hunters have had a trophy room designed to showcase their mounts; some have multiple trophy rooms. A trophy room is much more than showcasing dead animals; each piece acts as a memory with a story behind it. You can present your journey across various continents with various species you have hunted.

At G&R, we have the experience to help design a trophy room that creates a lasting impression on guests while remaining comfortable for hunters and non-hunters. Our goal is to work with you to create a custom room that fits your style and personality.

Trophy Room Design Services in The Woodlands

The Elements

A trophy room design requires consideration of several important elements: lighting, temperature, and humidity. In most cases, natural light should be avoided because UV light can damage your mounts over time. A trophy room should remain between 65 degrees and 72 degrees Fahrenheit (18-22 Celsius), and a humidity of 40% to 50% as animal skins need the moisture, but not too much.

The Displays

The displays you choose to add to the room are the most important part. At G&R Builders, we have years of experience arranging taxidermy, creating dioramas, and setting the scene. The space left between each display is an important detail, too close, and it can become cluttered. The right spacing can make everything come together nicely.

Themes, Accents, and Textures

A trophy room is more than spacing and taxidermy. Each section of the wall can be a theme, and furnishings can accent your trophies. These elements come in many forms, but many hunters use leather chairs or couches, antique hunting equipment, firearms, bronze sculptures, and even African artifacts found on their adventures.

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