The Woodlands Trophy Room Renovators

At G&R Builders we cater to sportsmen, so we've carved our own niche in the design and completion of custom trophy rooms. We understand that hunting trophies are very personal, and that the trophy room is a visual expression of the owner. It's a special refuge where the sportsman can reflect on his adventures, appreciate his accomplishments and reconnect with his passions.

Custom Trophy Rooms

No two hunting trophy rooms are alike, nor should they be. G&R Builders constructs custom spaces that are highly unique. We coordinate lighting, displays and framing to achieve a total look. Our professional team will work closely with you to create a special haven that not only captures your individuality but inspires your imagination.

Greater Houston Trophy Room Design

Once a plan is drawn, G&R can coordinate all aspects of your hunting trophies room from start to finish. We work with taxidermists, painters and sculptors to construct stunning displays that are true works of art.

To view examples of prize winning trophy rooms we've created, please visit our portfolio page.